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  • Agence événementielle Luxembourg - régie événementielle


We are pleased to offer a range of events consultancy services to architectural firms, institutions and cultural and historical sites. Our involvement starts in the early stages of the design or use of a location/site, enabling us to contribute our events expertise regarding future spaces for hosting public or private events. We anticipate requirements, identify logistical constraints as well as flow management and organisational hurdles on site. Because sites in the making are not just about simple plans and architectural design but also represent future sites of ephemeral exchange, we step in to optimise their events potential.


Do you have a site, either private or open to the public, but lack the human resources or technical know-how to fully exploit its events potential in a private hire context? We can offer an à la carte events management service, ranging from the simple presence of a stage manager supervising a one-off special event to a fully comprehensive package, in which we take responsibility for communication and promotion tools, event pricing, conducting location research and technical assessments, drawing up installation plans, production files, assembly supervision, ensuring the smooth operation of the event and finally its disassembly.