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The urban experience everyone can agree on

Dudelange asked us to imagine a series of events and animations that could vivify its city center, initiate meetings between the inhabitants, enable them to forge links, propose recreational and festive spaces that could gather and unite them under the banner of shared memories will allowing them to consider the town from a new angle.
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The client to surprise

The fourth biggest town in Luxembourg, steeped in a rich heritage of industrial town and with a strong will from the authorities to develop urban infrastructures and good living conditions, the town of Dudelange relied on its multicultural community to unfold an original economic model built on diversification and to ensure a local dynamism unique in the country.

The challenge ahead

Dudelange called on our support to imagine cultural highlights, street marketing animations and commercial events, all of them being federating and festive, around the place of Am Duerf, newly inaugurated, in order to make it known and lively.

We also had to manage the selection, planning and coordination of the event and artistic teams as part of an experience that we wanted to unify around strong values.

We wanted to create pride: make them proud to be living in Dudelange, proud to settle there, proud to build there, proud to work in there, because pride gives people the feeling of belonging to a community, the will to be a part of it and the wish to get involved.

What we imagined

Following the annual calendar of events and some key dates such as Halloween, the mobility week or the seasons for the spring and summer sell-outs… we imagined a series of thematic event concepts consisting in touring animations for the general public. Supervised by hostesses whose clothes we had designed, the animations were situated in strategic places of the town center to invite the inhabitants to gather around the feeling of being one community belonging to the same place beyond origins and nationalities.

In order to bring the experience enjoyed in town into the home, we had also used the mobility week to offer goodies

We immediately understood the willingness of Dudelange to dynamise the center and consecrate it as the beating heart of the town, the must-be place where to live, exchange and gather for everyone.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words…