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Explore the many facets of Luxembourg

Luxembourg for Tourism has called on our know-how to imagine an innovative concept, both differentiating and impactful, dedicated to the tourism professionals, in order to publicise and promote the richness and diversity of Luxembourg in terms of discoveries, visits and experiences.
Shine a light agence évènementielle luxembourg webinaire digital Luci TV

The client to surprise

Luxembourg for Tourism is an Economic Interest Grouping (E.I.G.) gathering public and private businesses involved in tourism in order to elaborate, coordinate, implement and develop tourist activities in Luxembourg. As such, it aims at promoting the image of the country as a tourist destination and at valuing its heritage by bringing to light its historic, natural and cultural diversity.

Moreover, it also serves as an observatory on the touristic situation of Luxembourg and as a platform of exchanges, consultation and collaboration providing information, expertise and advice to the state and the members of the E.I.G. in order to support them in the conception and realisation of their tourism projects.

The challenge ahead

Driven by a strong will to maintain a dialogue with tourism stakeholders in order to promote the country as a premier tourism destination, Luxembourg for Tourism has solicited our expertise to imagine a disruptive format of webinars dedicated to the professionals of the sector from neighbouring countries as well as farther ones that are more and more seduced by this unique European region.

By working both from the country’s heritage assets and the wide range of activities for any public and for all tastes, the purpose of this series of unprecedented digital events was to create new bonds with the travel industry, to develop the brand image of Visit Luxembourg and to showcase the experiences to be enjoyed in the country through the production of an impactful and appealing content.

“The meetings with people and places best embody Luci spirit. They ensure the promise of the destination value.”

Visit Luxembourg

What we imagined

Thanks to a strong positioning intended to create emotions, we imagined Luci TV, an innovative format of webinars with both an immersive stage design and a rich editorial content in order to propose an exclusive web experience to the audience, based on the exchange between different stakeholders within a symbolic and iconic place in Luxembourg, used as a natural scenery.

Furthermore, we have opted for a cinematographic capture to highlight the content and the scenography:  4K full Frame cameras, drone cinematography, boom cameras. The numerous angles of view bring life and dynamism to the live production.

The common thread in all the webinars lies in a huge table, specially designed for the occasion as the only branding element of the film set, around which all the guests, tourism stakeholders, passionate experts or activity organisers exchange and discuss themes related to everything that can possibly be done, experienced, visited, discovered or explored in Luxembourg.

The first edition was shot in Neimënster Abbey and was hosted by Sebastian Reddeker, the LFT CEO. It was dedicated to German, Swiss and Austrian tourism professionals and gathered 120 online viewers for a 30-minute episode.  In this unique setting, Linda Salentin from the Mullerthal region, Philippe Herkrath from and Jessica Maria Rauch from Esch2022 talk about the richness and attractiveness of Luxembourgish outdoors activities, such as hiking, biking or cultural exploration.

In order to echo a sector which has to be reinvented, now more than ever, we felt it essential to back up the traditional format of webinars with a real investment focused on Luxembourg as the main theme, using it as the subject, the frame and also the content to provide a concrete insight of a digital discourse.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words…