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Golden hour for an anniversary

Organising an event inside a company’s own premises is always a challenge. Indeed, in addition to the constraints relating to the available space or capacity and to the activity that should be continued without any problems, we had to imagine a universe that should use the company’s codes while adding a new dimension.
Shine a light event agency Luxembourg - Creates immersives experiences - 30th anniversary KPMG

The client to surprise

With their network of independent firms in more than 150 countries, KPGM is a leader in audit, advisory and accounting. They assist companies throughout the different steps of their lives, regardless of their size or their activity.

The challenge ahead

KPGM called on our expertise to imagine an unforgettable high level experience for the anniversary of their presence in Luxembourg. We had to find the right pace for an evening mixing an overview of the past 30 years of activity in Luxembourg, a focus on their essential role to face the current economic challenges and their future prospects.

To respect those requirements, we were expected to create an inspiring universe both festive and experiential, that could illustrate a quarter of a century providing service to clients, dusting off the codes of the simple debriefing conference and gratifying the dimension “service” so dear to the company.

The major challenge was to arise emotions and to create a moment of surprise without losing KPGM’s identity and while asserting trusting relationship, legitimacy and its predominant position as a major player in the economic landscape.

What we imagined

It is within the scenography of a smart gala highlighting the codes of the brand visual identity – the reassuring night blue colour and the refined glow of gold – that more than 800 guests including clients, partners, political decision-makers and opinion leaders walked into the different areas of KPGM head office, reorganised around the lobby and reinvented to make an exclusive and intimist reception place out of them.

When they arrived, the guests were immediately plunged in an immersive atmosphere: artistic aerial installations made to symbolise an impulse towards the future and KPGM development ambitions, a glittering carpet designing a golden path surrounded by palm trees of the same colour, sparkling spark machines, a valet service with personalised tickets….

Several highlights then followed one another: official speeches, animations and artistic happenings unfolded in the different areas dedicated to the party diverting them from their main function to turn them into a total immersive experience. After the strategic addresses, the crowning touch to the evening occurred with a vertical piano rising into the air at around ten metres height for an exceptional musical performance “in motion”.

The second part of the night proposed a real club with a DJ, a cocktail bar and gold balloons as a shimmering backdrop reflected on the mirrored dance floor, still in KPGM’s premises, inviting the guests to loosen up and just enjoy.

The evening being held in KPGM’s premises, everything is done to make clients and partners discover the company from a different perspective that they might have never expected. Showing all the facets of KPGM is a way to strengthen both the connection and the commitment to the brand.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words…