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Nature and modernity for one century

As a major actor of housing promotion, SNHBM redesigns the urban landscape in an innovative way, inspiring thus the city and the communities of tomorrow. How, henceforth, to celebrate 100 years of passion and innovation, between retrospective and forecasting, to honour with surprise and emotion an exceptional success story?
Shine a light event agency Luxembourg - Creates immersives experiences - Corporate anniversary SNHBM

The client to surprise

The Société Nationale des Habitations à Bon Marché (SNHBM) has been excelling at housing promotion since its foundation in 1919. Over the years it has become a specialist in creating single-family homes or residential buildings through all the aspects of developing complex building projects with a strong social dimension.

The challenge ahead

Celebrating the SNHBM 100th anniversary was first of all due to be a festive and friendly event, enabling a good communication about the company’s strategy, its history, its challenges, its success and its ambitions between past, present and future. The 500 guests of the evening should be immersed into the conception of housing promotion supported by SNHBM thanks to customised designs adapted to the company’s professional challenges.

The staging and the event animations were intended to make the guests discover housing through the eyes of SNBHM: affordable, green and high-standard housing.

What we imagined

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of SNHBM and to spotlight their actions, the event was focused on the themes of housing and nature in such a way as to gather the brand two main challenges. The name “SNHBM” was used as the starting point of our reflection and we displayed the meaning and significance of the company’s name in a simple, minimalist and design staging.

As a landmark for the whole community, a big village square was reassembled around a central stage, like a theatre to present all of SNHBM activities. The shape of the wooden constructions was representing the geometrical shape of the company’s new visual identity and logo echoing their values in terms of promotion and construction.

The guests were immediately plunged into an immersive experience emphasised by the sets of lights specifically created for the occasion with two big lighted trees and square pilars lit like in a museum to arouse a unique feeling from the very beginning. A thick smoke rose from the floor to reinforce the experimental and immersive aspect of the scenery.

Then at the heart of the event, the guests discovered the wooden houses all decorated with plants and incandescent bulbs, mixing vegetation and modernity in a unique pattern. They were used as a catering place where some chefs were giving a cooking show and proposing healthy seasonal food. A round central stage enabled the speakers to be visible from everywhere. On one side a black curtain was used as a screen for an immersive motion design representing urban landscapes that was projected throughout the whole event. At last, in order to epitomise the brand’s presence, the number 100 was replicated all through the space and culminated hung above the stage as a backdrop.

SNHBM’s anniversary creates an opportunity to gather all the different actors who have contributed to SNHBM’s success around a federative event in order to strengthen the present links and to build the future projects.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words…