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The client to surprise

As a product of the merger between the Bank Degroof founded in 1871 and present in 9 countries and the financial group Petercam, Degroof Petercam is today the largest private investment bank in Belgium. It can also be found in Luxembourg with a subsidiary, the Bank Degroof Petercam Luxembourg S.A.


Creating a memorable and warm event within the bank offices gave us the opportunity to turn collective areas made to be functional into real creative levers for escape, conviviality and celebration.

The challenge ahead

The bank Degroof Petercam Luxembourg called on our expertise to imagine a concept that would propose a joyful, convivial and festive moment to its 250 employees during a participative theme party within its offices for the New Year celebrations.

What we imagined

In the very heart of their offices, the guests were plunged into a smart après-ski party within a warm mountain decor with the whole imaginary world of sharing and celebrating that it conveyed.

The common areas allowed judicious movements of the guests during the evening who were able to go through the different spaces – reception, places for speeches or cocktail buffet or après-ski party – that had been reinvented in the fashion of a mountain village or an altitude bar. Designed according to trendy mountain interiors or posh resort hotel, the furniture and the decoration were using natural raw materials such as wood, textile, cotton flower, glass or animal material (sheep’s fleece).

Enjoying an après-ski experience, very popular among great athletes as well as all types of epicureans, offers the possibilities to relax, have fun, exchange views and just have good time.