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The superheroes of venture capital

Concerned about placing Europa at the forefront of the transformative changes of our time, EIF has been bringing together more than 300 venture capital fund managers for its annual conference since 2018. It was entitled Ugly Duck from the story of the Ugly Duckling which happens to transform into a beautiful big swan, an easy comparison for some start-ups backed by venture capital which enjoy rapid growth and recognition.
Shine a light agence évènementielle luxembourg - créateur d'expériences immersives - EIF

The client to surprise

As a major player in the European ecosystem of venture capital, the European Investment Fund (EIF) has been supporting entrepreneurship and innovation by giving them the means to have both a unique insight and shared ambitions.

During the last 20 years they have emerged as a key investor on the European market of venture capital while being one of the main providers of risk financing, more especially for the SMEs in Europe.

The challenge ahead

The Ugly Duck conferences are highlights bringing together a large number of speakers and experts who share their experience, exchange insightful views on the European venture capital and discuss both today and tomorrow’s key themes: digitalisation, information technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing and cyber security), societal challenges (impact investing, life sciences, health) and the green deals (climate, environment and sustainable development).

For the 2018 and 2019 editions, they called on our expertise to conceive and organise disruptive and immersive conferences backed by sceneries and contents that should be attractive, fresh, daring and innovative.

They intended to promote interaction and sharing between the participants within a bright and impactful scenery where the messages from EIF were to make sense and be transmitted in a remarkable and memorable way. In short, we had to reinvent the codes of the classic conference format.

What we imagined

Thanks to its distinctive design, Luxexpo The Box was an event location with a high technical potential allowing possibilities for a complex scenography. The different spaces – reception, networking, conference and workshop areas – were circular to facilitate movements and welcomed the guests in a friendly atmosphere enabling a total immersion in the broadcasted contents. Large-sized branding tools created for the occasion were featured on the graphic charter of the event.

They were appearing, merging and fading to make the Ugly Duck visual identity conceived by EIF memorable and instantly recognisable.

In 2019, the three future priority funding themes for 2020 and next were digitalisation, societal challenges and green deals. They were represented as futuristic superheroes embodying the main personality traits of the fund managers and asserting their ambitions for the future world of venture capital.

From the threshold of the main entrance, the event was unfolding in three dimensions and was interacting with the surrounding space thanks to an original scenery which was partitioning the area with inventive semitransparent and colourful structures featuring an integrated lighting system of circular neons. The space dedicated to networking was organised around a big bar in various single pods for discussions facilitating interaction, exchanges and meetings.

In the conference room, an immersive stage design was proposing a 360 degrees projection system displaying a motion design specifically created for the event and in perfect harmony with the 3D egg-shaped stage units. The whole was in full cohesion with the theme of the event and was drawing public attention to the speaker without interfering with the transversal visibility. Various presentations thus unfolded and harmoniously followed one another, backed by several motion designed infographics made to simplify understanding, to increase the impact of the new contents and to endorse what the different speakers of EIF were saying and announcing.

In order to value the guests, a recording studio proposed them video interviews that would allow their experience to be widely shared over social media.

Those superheroes really served as a springboard for a colourful, impactful and recreational branding which created the event in each workshop under various forms. It was the key point for this embodiement of the concept by characters which was even more essential since the issues were complicated and precise.

2018 edition

The year before, for the first Ugly Duck conference, we had already developed the visual identity thought by EIF around the theme of egg and The Ugly Duckling in order to explain the origins of the event while leaving an imprint on the minds.