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Sensational start in the digital world

Wishing to propose an event that would both introduce its new data management platform and contribute to confirm its legitimacy as a leading provider in digital business, KNEIP called on us to imagine an innovative immersive experience, both impactive and modern, that would be in harmony with its graphic universe and could dust off the codes of a product launch.
Shine a light agence évènementielle luxembourg - créateur d'expériences immersives - Plateforme digitale KNEIP

The client to surprise

As a leader in data management and reporting solutions for the global investment fund industry, insurance and banking sector, KNEIP has been helping their clients to manage their existing data efficiently and ensure compliance in a constantly changing regulatory environment. They have thus proposed a unique platform enabling to accelerate time to market, mitigate risks and reduce the cost and effort for the whole company.

The challenge ahead

For the brand this event should both gain the attention of nearly 200 clients, prospects, partners, suppliers and opinion leaders and be the milestone for the presentation of this innovative product inaugurating a new era in the company history.

KNEIP also wished to dust off the codes of a product launch by limiting speaking time to energise the experience, get to the essential and communicate effectively in order to help everyone grasp the messages and to favour the deployment of the branding.

Digital transformation requires to think differently the working methods that we know and to imagine innovative solutions that could answer the actual strategic challenges of companies. Since they are both new and innovative, these approaches involve a discourse that will draw attention, explain and open prospects for the future of companies.

What we imagined

In an unprecedented scenography where a geometric designed stage was impactful, minimalist and original enough to immerse people in an innovative experience, the audience attended the plenary meeting.

Two LED screens at 90° angle were displaying a 3D motion content specifically designed for the occasion and created an anamorphosis effect which was enhancing the realism offering the audience an interactive and mobilising staging.

At last with the creation of an exclusive sound design the guests were finally plunged into a digital and mysterious futuristic universe, perfectly synchronised with the broadcasted contents and perfectly aligned with the winning spirit of KNEIP’s new service, a symbol of the unfolding of all their expertise.

KNEIP called on our expertise in product launch and corporate experience to imagine an event that would be both digital and disruptive for the launch of their new platform.

Client event with exhibition and virtual reality game

Beside this project and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of KNEIP, we had also organised a client event around a guided tour of the exhibition “De mains de maître” that had been privatised for the occasion.

In addition to the exhibition and the official speeches and in order to meet KNEIP demand to promote their arrival in digital age with their platform launch in a fun and recreational way, we had imagined, created and developed a virtual reality game perfectly illustrating the digital universe of the company.