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Crazy white party

When the specialist in entertainment personally asked us to imagine a unique, exclusive and exceptional event that would celebrate the lifestyle it was promoting and that he could then use as a communication lever, we could only meet the challenge. And as creativity breeds creativity we have let our own festive spirit run free. That’s … unprecedented!
Shine a light event agency Luxembourg - Creates immersives experiences - Docler Holding Crazy White Party

The client to surprise

Specialised in entertainment on the Internet and in management of digital content, Docler Holding established its head office in Luxembourg in 2013. Then they have diversified and developed their range of activities including culture, technology, film production, luxury and lifestyle.

True jack-of-all-trades and particularly aware of the current issues and of the challenges of tomorrow’s world, the multinational company has imposed its farsighted vision focused on creativity and innovation.

The challenge ahead

In order to develop its reputation and consolidate its network in Luxembourg, Docler Holding had wished to invite 200 of its corporate partners to a trendy, off-beat and exclusive event “White Party”.

From a spectacular and enchanting staging to decadent animations, we imagined an unforgettable brand-new experience reconnected with the purest pleasure, out of time and space.

We were tasked by Docler Holding with creating an unprecedented event in Luxembourg, that could really represent the company’s values focused on entertainment while inviting the privileged participants to gather and celebrate.

What we imagined

At the end of the day, the guests passed the gates of the Rockhal space Club and entered into the very heart of a pure dreamlike world where genres and materials were mingling, united by this universal and ageless link that the white colour is.

Welcomed by two big golden spheres made of mirrors held by large ribbons, they discover a confidential bright room surrounded with pristine white veiling topped by moose heads. Above them, the ceiling was made of 4,000 flowers and crystal chandeliers and in the middle of the room a 3-meter-diameter mirrored table and numerous glass domes full of white flowers stood.

In this harmonious setting, secrecy, unexpected and exceptional were enshrined and teasing senses. And the highlight of the evening surprised even more the guests and created the animation with a show of the Crazy Horse who had come especially from Paris on the occasion.

From virtual to real entertainment or from dream to reality, there is just a short step and it is only by blurring the boundaries between those universes that Docler Holding has tended to stand out from its competitors. We had to imagine an event up to its reputation and make an effective communication tool out of it

Because a picture is worth a thousand words…