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The “grand rendez-vous du cinéma”

At the 2016 edition of the Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis, organised by the Film Fund Luxembourg, we were requested to imagine the first visual based project theatre in the history of this exclusive gala evening to honour the television and film production of the country. Through projected or mirrored sets of lights, we have imagined a space where the images on the screen and the stage actions were mixing and merging into each other. Action!
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The client to surprise

As an official body supervised by the Audiovisual Department and the Ministry of Culture, the Fund implements the government’s policy for audiovisual productions from financial support to Luxembourg representation in European or international initiatives. It also promotes the sector’s development and monitors the evolution of the film production industry.

The challenge ahead

Every two years, the Film Fund has organised the Luxembourg Film Awards (Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis) in order to reward the country’s best film contributions in 12 categories in collaboration with the professional associations of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg ‘s film production industry.

The 2016 edition, which required all our expertise, was particularly important since it was due to embody the evolution of the evening when the show turned into the form of a theatre play respecting the highest standard of international ceremonies while retaining the typical Luxembourg identity.

To embody this new turning point without breaking the historical codes of the institution, the Film Fund called on us in order to imagine the scenography and the organisation of this exceptional ceremony.

What we imagined

For the big night, more than 800 guests including actors, technicians, members from the production companies, film and stage directors, political decision-makers as well as their Royal Highnesses the Grand-Duke and the Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg took place to attend the gala in the hall of the Grand Theatre, redesigned and enriched by a sober, modern and original scenery.

In front of them the video content was brought to light thanks to an overhead projection on a 16×9 wide screen displaying motion designed productions framed in a video set representing a huge lightbox made to illustrate and personalise the different types of rewards.

Those last one had indeed their own visual universe, embodied by intense colour schemes between the screen, the neons hung over the stage and those integrated in the glossy black floor customised for the occasion in order to create a mirror effect during the projections and to bring dynamism, modernity and depth to the whole scenery.

This unique original evening highlighting the country’s cinematic creativity is a major event for the members of the great family of cinema in Luxembourg who join together on this occasion. The event has to meet those special guests’expectations.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words…