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Wellbeing at work

The Occupational Health Safety Forum was organised around several aspects and all of them conveyed strong messages. From the partner stands to the leading communication campaign, everything was to be thought in order to promote meeting and discussion, spread information, offer a fluid course and ensure optimal visibility for the participants. It is therefore by combining the expectations regarding placement and the constraints of place that we have imagined the event organisation, the structuring of space and the different key elements of the communication of this 11th edition.
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The client to surprise

Organised both by Association Assurance Accident (AAA), Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoise (UEL) and Institut national pour le développement durable et la RSE (INDR), the Occupational Health Safety Forum is an information and exchange day.

The challenge ahead

Organised every two years and viewed by more than 1,000 visitors including workers, designated employees, human resources managers, business leaders, purchasers in companies…, the forum is the place for around a hundred exhibitors to present their activities and to raise awareness among the professional world regarding health, safety and wellbeing at work thanks to stands or dedicated workshops.

At the request of the organisers, we have been managing for 10 years the operational aspects such as the production and the logistics management of the event, visitor reception, contact with the exhibitors and even the graphic design of the visual identity for   all signage and the branding.

AAA, UEL and INDR have wished to call on our expertise in order to receive advice in terms of placement and technical aspect in a space more than 4,000 square metres drawing a large number of visitors.

What we imagined

For this 11th edition, the participants, the exhibitors and the speakers had the opportunity to discover a redesigned forum thought to better value both organisers and partners and offer them a better visibility. It also enhanced the communication campaign VISION ZERO having the objective to reduce to zero the number of fatal accidents at work which was surpassing the global communication of the event through a dedicated stand right at the entrance making it a message impossible to ignore.

It was also the opportunity for the visitors to discover the faces of the campaign ambassadors: Cindy, Josy and Pedro and also an exhibition of the personal stories of witnesses in a museographic staging.

The implementation and organisation plan imagined for the area was facilitating movement and allowing to focus on the conference area as the main space to share and come together with all the stands around. In front of this central position the “partner village” was highlighted. At last four 4-metre-high totems were structuring the space and improving the branding specifically designed for the event making it visible from anywhere for a high-impact support.

This event is a reference set in an awareness-raising approach and a campaign to reduce risks at work, occupational accidents or diseases and commuting accidents. There was therefore a need to deliver a clear message and precise information calling for an evolution of professional practices.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words…