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What tomorrow will bring

We chose to value the place by offering a discovery itinerary associated with digital devices that would represent the innovation end excellence embodied by the House of Startups.
Shine a light event agency Luxembourg - Creates immersives experiences - grand opening House of Startups

The client to surprise

Launched in 2017 by the Chamber of Commerce and located in Luxembourg city, the House of Startups (HoST) is a dynamic and diversified innovation hub entirely dedicated to entrepreneurship, hosting national or international start-ups at different stages in their growth within 3 incubators and 2 business accelerators in nearly 6,000 square metres of space.

Very active in financial matters, urbantech, commerce, tourism, environment, logistics and construction/housing it aims at attracting and developing innovative and successful companies and linking this promising ecosystem together with the Luxembourg economy at large.

The challenge ahead

The House of Startups called on us to imagine the concept that could be the framework of its inauguration.

In the presence of economic decision-makers from the ICT sector, political leaders including the Prime Minister, the minister of Economy and the minister of Finance as well as the mayor of Luxembourg, HoST and Chamber of Commerce teams, partners, service providers and the Grand-Ducal couple, we had to define the pace of the official ceremony and to bring to life the new building in allowing the discovery of all the areas through an itinerary that was directly inspired within the “spirit of start-up”.

The inauguration should be the opportunity for the guests to enter the particular universe of start-ups by proposing a totally immersive experience so deep into the HoST DNA united around the values of creation, sharing and transmission. To a certain extent, we had to make innovation moving forward visible.

What we imagined

On the opening day of the House of Startups, in parallel to the official speeches and the inauguration in itself, the guests discovered the privileged site, entirely dedicated to innovation, roamed the various areas from animation to animation, and traveled between the floors of the facility.

This dynamic wandering, sustained by an original program and guided by a square signage integrated into the floor and explaining which way to go was an invitation to immerse into this building of the future within the “spirit of start-up”.

As the logistical hotspot of the inauguration, a white tent had been set up in the middle of the yard as a prolongation of the building and made all the guests converge and be welcomed at the same time in order to foster the networking, which is the key stone of this project.

Organising the inauguration of a space where tomorrow’s world is built, imagined and materialised, obliged us to realise an event and an experience that would live up to the visions expressed within these walls.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words…